what frank miller’s 300 can teach you about successful online business

I read on FuzzyFuture, how Miller?s 300 can teach you about successful online business, as I agree with author and I found it useful, here you are!

“Frank Miller must be an online entrepreneur in his spare time because 300 is the perfect metaphor for online business”

Miller?s 300 can teach you

I Know your surroundings, and choose the battleground that most suits your strengths.

II A handful of well trained soldiers can out-perform thousands of weak ones.

III A few good friends is better then an army of acquaintances.

IV The gods aren?t always right, do what?s best for yourself, above all else.

V Keep your skill set sharp, cause you never know when you might have to defend yourself.

VI Never retreat, never surrender.

VII Constantly adapt to your changing situation, it?s the only way to survive.

VIII Never be satisfied with your past accomplishments, it might just get you kicked down a bottomless pit.

IX Even a man-god can bleed.

X Even if you?re a hideous, misshapen troll, the right networking can get you riches and women.

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