diego el cigala london

I have just arrived from another awesome concert in London! Pure Spanish Flamenco with Diego el Cigala on Barbican Center

diego el cigala london

El Cigala (gipsy cantaor born in ‘El Barrio’, Madrid), with his charismatic gravelly voice, played songs form his last two albums “Picasso en mis ojos” and “L?grimas negras” on a passionate way (though some problems with the sound), transmiting the good vibrations to everyone on the gig.

Diego El Cigala with the support of great artists: a piano, a cello, a spanish guita and a drum (“caja“, an acustic box?, I don’t know how to translate this… hehe), who accompanied him on a sublime way, sang a couple of songs “de buleria” and finish the concert dancing, making the crowd enjoy from the begining til the end.

The suppot band (orchestra), accordion maestro Lubenov Orkestar (Bulgarian), played amazing as well, mixing rumba, jazz, tango, gipsy… pretty well this guys!

Anyway, It was really cool arriving at home and find some friends and my girlfriend waiting for me with spanish food (omelettes, ham and wine).

Thank you very much Matt!! Was a great night!

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