how to recover skype password?

I created my skype account many years ago and I stop using it because none of my friends used it enough (they were and are stuck in msn). A couple of months ago a client asked me my skype account to be able to chat about a project I am working on. “Frucomerci” I told him, as is my user for every single website I am subscribed in the Internet.

I tried then to recover or reset my password but then I realized that the email address I subscribed to skype with is was a really old one (from a previous job, I don’t have access anymore). I didn’t want to create a new user so I submitted a support request asking for help but after one month (or more) waiting they never replied.


Solution: I tried every password I could remember, I merged/split/invent them and after 30 minutes I found it :p

PS- It worked for me, I am not sure if will do for you, or how long will take you. Good luck!

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