mnemonic advert

I don’t like studying memorizing texts, fact. I want to understand everything comes into my head and that’s why I’ve been always better in numbers (maths, physics, etc.)

When I was in school age, my mum knowing that, showed me one way to make memorizing things easier: mnemonic rules (not Johnny Menmonic) helping me to remember whatever I had to, and I enjoyed so much looking for the best rule that sometimes I spent more time looking for the most accurate rule rather than learning the text by heart.

Ok, why am I saying all this? because there is and advert on TV which is using a famous song (the one from ghost busters) to help users remember mnemonically the product they are “selling” (a telephone number), and I find it very clever.

When I need them, I don’t know yourself, but I never remember this kind of numbers, all of them are so short and similar that I don’t know if have to call 888 (like the casino online), 188, 881, 818 or just throw my mobile away (very far).

After this advert: Who you gonna call? 118!! And of course I ain’t afraid of no goat 🙂

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