Sent from my Iphone Alternatives

Do you have an Iphone? I do and I love it but I don’t like that “Sent from my iPhone” message on every email I sent!
By default, every email sent from your iPhone has this signature specified in Settings -> Mail -> Signature but you can change/remove it easily going there and typing whatever you want.

Sent From my Iphone

Now is confirmed apple is going to launch next-generation software for the iPhone 4.0, here you are a list with alternatives for your “Sent from Iphone” signature I’ve collected after a couple of years and a bit of research:

  • “Sent from my iPhone…jealous?”
  • “Sent from my Atari 2600”
  • “Sent from my Portable Telephone Machine”
  • “Sent from my handheld device”
  • “Sent from my iPhone, bitch”
  • “Sent from my £400 phone”
  • “Proudly typed on an iPhone”
  • “Sent from my ipwn”
  • “You’ve been iPhoned”
  • “Sent from my iPowerBall”
  • “I have more money than you do”
  • “Sent from the Future”
  • “Yes, I have an iPhone. Now will you fuck me?”
  • “Never understood the Sent from BlackBerry/iPhone thing.”
  • “Sent from my Whiteberry.”
  • “Sorry for my spelling mistakes and for non-formated text”
  • “Sent via my 16GB Black iPhone.Suffer to all you people with white ones and Nokias”
  • “Sent from my iphone, I’m a brutal wanker”
  • “Sent from the Jesus phone; behold the prophecy!”
  • “Sent from my iPhone. Short but not meant to be abrupt.”

I’ve actually used some of them for a while. How do you sign your emails?

75 thoughts on “Sent from my Iphone Alternatives”

  1. “Sent from my sugar daddy’s expensive phone.”

    “Sent frim my Commodore-64”

    “Sent from my cheap calculator”

    “Sent from my brick-size retro cell phone”

    “Sent from the future”


    “Of coarse I have an iPhone, you idiot!”

    “I do Think Different! Got it? ;)”

  2. sent from my semi-mobile vice (for my ipod touch)
    sent from my mobile vice (for my smartphone)
    sent from my rotary phone (for my lap/desktop???)

    sent from my I____ – pardon my laziness or your unworthiness if didn’t bother to fix typos.

  3. “Sent from my pager’s cousin”
    “Sent from Stephen Hawking”
    “Sent from me”
    “Sent from over here”
    “Sent from Chuck Norris’ beard”
    ‘Sent from above”

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