Sent from my Iphone Alternatives

Do you have an Iphone? I do and I love it but I don’t like that “Sent from my iPhone” message on every email I sent!
By default, every email sent from your iPhone has this signature specified in Settings -> Mail -> Signature but you can change/remove it easily going there and typing whatever you want.

Sent From my Iphone

Now is confirmed apple is going to launch next-generation software for the iPhone 4.0, here you are a list with alternatives for your “Sent from Iphone” signature I’ve collected after a couple of years and a bit of research:

  • “Sent from my iPhone…jealous?”
  • “Sent from my Atari 2600”
  • “Sent from my Portable Telephone Machine”
  • “Sent from my handheld device”
  • “Sent from my iPhone, bitch”
  • “Sent from my £400 phone”
  • “Proudly typed on an iPhone”
  • “Sent from my ipwn”
  • “You’ve been iPhoned”
  • “Sent from my iPowerBall”
  • “I have more money than you do”
  • “Sent from the Future”
  • “Yes, I have an iPhone. Now will you fuck me?”
  • “Never understood the Sent from BlackBerry/iPhone thing.”
  • “Sent from my Whiteberry.”
  • “Sorry for my spelling mistakes and for non-formated text”
  • “Sent via my 16GB Black iPhone.Suffer to all you people with white ones and Nokias”
  • “Sent from my iphone, I’m a brutal wanker”
  • “Sent from the Jesus phone; behold the prophecy!”
  • “Sent from my iPhone. Short but not meant to be abrupt.”

I’ve actually used some of them for a while. How do you sign your emails?

75 thoughts on “Sent from my Iphone Alternatives”

  1. on mine it says : i sent this from my iphone while small evil monkeys threw bananas at me, sad things happen sometimes

  2. I switch it around:

    Sent from my smart D-vice
    Sent from my smarty-vice
    Butt-typed on my phone. Please excuse spelling…
    Sent from my “wish I was a REAL computer”
    Msg sent from handheld. Pls xcuse brevity & errrs.
    “Prove yourself accurate, reliable, and bug-free, and someday, you will be a REAL computer.”

  3. Sent from my Unitized Neutronic Information Center

    (UNIS – See Jonny Quest – “The Mystery of the Lizard Men”)

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