Sex Explained Graphically by Pens

I’ve received so many emails with this subject and these images that I had to translate them (they were originally in Spanish) and create a post. Bic pens have always been the best! I guess no explanation is needed…

Sex Explained Graphically

Is a completely SFW post and in my opinion a very good way to explain to your daughters/sons the different types of sex that exist.

In how many of the cases above have you been part of?

Yes, we forgot one!

2 Girls 1 Cap - Sex Explained Graphically by Pens

Thanks John Mercer

85 thoughts on “Sex Explained Graphically by Pens”

  1. Who said the blue pen is a white dude?
    It could be an asian guy and the black pen represents an arab, who cares?
    People see racism everywhere…

    I think a pederast is a guy who likes boys, real specific.

    I loved the photos (:
    Really funny.

  2. Guys, this is so awesome! Im not gonna lie, I’ve been quite confused about such things for a long time. This is truely life altering! <3

  3. Actually SeaHorse, it IS spelt “paedophile” in the English language. The spelling without the ‘a’ is only correct in the simpleton dialect of “American English”. Next you’ll want to spell civilisation and recognised with a Zed. 🙂

  4. I for one am offended at your tolerance of pedophilia. The more you joke about it, the more it becomes acceptable. YOU AND YOUR ILK SHALL ONE DAY SEE RETRIBUTION FOR EVERY SINGLE VICTIM OF RAPE AND MOLESTATION.

  5. The Gang-Bang is really inappropriate. It’s either Gang Rape, or, in the best case scenario, women exploitation.
    Can you take it off, please?

    All the others are pretty damn funny 🙂

    Oh, and cheating:

    |/ |
    || //|

  6. To N.O.R. how do you know they meant rape. Maybe it was representing orge. There are people out there that enjoy lots of people at one time.

    I think it is a great job of explaining things.

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