Watch and Learn Sex Positions with Fun Buddies

The number of positions that can be used for sex is essentially limitless. Classic, sophisticated, extreme …

Sex Positions with Fun

I’m sure you don’t know every sex position in the world and I would walk on hot coals that you haven’t practise the 50% of the ones you know. It’s fine, me neither.

You won’t find all sex positions in, but a if you want a useful and quick guide with pictures and scientific descriptions, mykarmasutrabuddy is the best solution. I’m telling you. They put a very practical presentation of the sex position and you can choose from 16 different sexual positions. Not only you have a good chance to learn, you may have something to laugh as well… Actually I’ve laughed more than learned 😉

Check it out, it’s easy, you only need to select a fluffy, attractive, endowed or dwarf “Mr Fun Buddy”, a “Mrs Fun Buddy” (they come in all shapes and sizes), a sex position from the 16 listed, then only watch and learn is left. You will see, some positions don’t fit all shapes and sizes. The whole game is that you can mix them all. Definitely one of the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time!

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