Worth Writing?

Benjamin Franklin once said:

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

After more than three years writing this blog and with entries like this one, you can easily figure out that I do much more things worth writing than write things worth reading (what a tongue twister!), even though I don’t always write about them…

Now I’m writing about this, I want to say that sometimes I feel kind of alone in the net, I follow a lot of blogs out ther, but either their writers start focusing in one mater/topic only, or they get bored and stop writing. If you have a personal blog similar to mine and only write about things you like or happen in your life, why don’t you comment below so I can check it out. Thanks.

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2 thoughts on “Worth Writing?”

    1. ????!! Qué tiene que ver el tocino con la velocidad Arvarito? Yo me quejo que no hay muchos blogueros que escriban lo que les sale de los santos c**** (ojo, tú sí eres uno de ellos), pero que responda comments no creo que tenga musho que ver… Por cierto, para cuando una birra? Este finde cómo lo tienes? Abzo

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