Did Barcelona Win Last Night?

Hi, tired of reading sport websites full of bullshit, just to know if my team won or not last night, I decided to create my own two websites, one for my team (Barcelona) and another for the eternal rival (Madrid). Websites that go straight the point, no bullshit, no subterfuge, no gossip, no advertising (yet), no journalists, etc…

Here they go:

Did Barça win last night? http://www.ganoelbarcelonaanoche.com/
Did Real Madrid win last night? http://www.ganoelmadridanoche.com/

Well, I hope from now on these websites are “must” in your “surfing the net”… 😉 Can I ask you to click the “I Like” Facebook button and share it on twitter?

I know both websites are in Spanish but a short lesson will help you out:

  • Si = Yes
  • Gano = Did win
  • Anoche = Last night

Frucomerci, fighting for a quality journalism!

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