Back to School

Surprise! I’m back! I’m really sorry I’ve been off for so long but I’ve been busy for several reasons and I promise I couldn’t find a spare minute to write about anything in this blog, even though I was going through lot of changes and new experiences quite interesting to tell such as leaving my home in London UK, finding a new one in Spain, celebrating my 30th birthday or opening (or I should say trying to open) a Spanish branch of Frucomedia in August (aka reality vs utopia).
I was also thinking in which language should I write from now on as I’ve moved to a Spanish city where no more that 10% of the people can understand/read English, but as I haven’t decided it yet, I’ll keep using English and time will tell if I should move to Spanish. Ha! It’s funny, I started this blog more than 4 years ago with the purpose of learning English and now the purpose might change to not forget the English I’ve learned… 😉

But this week that it’s not 40 degrees anymore and I can work (still from home) with the window opened and the AC off, I have this feeling that I can concentrate in my, what I call ‘normal life’ again, people call this feeling or use the expression “back to school” and it smells like new books, wooden pencils and glue stick… the difference is that people have this feeling after a long period of vacation and I have it just because I can breath normally without a shirt stuck to my body because of the sweat…

Views from my new balcony

PS – Today looks like is going to rain, for first time during the morning since I moved to Spain (14th July 20110), hahaha…

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