Different Ways to Say “I’m Going to the Toilet”

You are not always at home but this does not mean you don’t need to goo the loo, the porcelain goddess, the crapper, the throne, the restroom or the john…. isn’t it?
Well… letting the people you are with know about it, it’s not always easy. If you want to make a good impression (imagine you are with your girlfriend’s parents) this list with Alternatives Ways to Say “I’m Going to the Bathroom” may be won’t help you at all but I’m sure will definitely impress your friends.

Different Ways to Say Going to the Toilet

  • Pit stop
  • Chop some logs
  • I have the turtle poking his head
  • Take the wood out to the courtyard
  • Throw another log on the fire
  • Going for a whizz
  • Got to go…nature calling
  • Lube up the rusty star fish
  • Going to spend a penny
  • Going to the ladies
  • Take a leak
  • Sitting on the throne
  • Going to power my nose
  • Going for a slash
  • I’m off for a dump
  • Off to launch a submarine
  • I’m going to unload the cart
  • I’m dropping the kids off at the pool
  • I’m just going to go wash my paws
  • I’m going to water the flowers
  • I’m off to squeeze one out
  • Drain the weasel
  • I’ve gotta let the prairie dog out of the cage
  • Drain the main vein
  • I’m going for a big greasy job
  • Put a log in the lake
  • Float a boat
  • Pinch a loaf
  • Hit the can
  • Sink the Bismarck
  • Talk a man about a horse
  • Shoot some torpedo’s
  • Play oompa loompa
  • Make a download
  • Going for a slash
  • I need to unleash the monster
  • I’m off to lay a brown egg
  • It’s time to dust the crops
  • Free Willy
  • Need to send a fax
  • Bomb has been planted
  • To park the submarine
  • To make you a twin
  • To compose reggaeton music
  • To restart Windows
  • To release the hostages
  • To throw a bone to the broth
  • Take a log to the sawmill
  • To expel the interior minister
  • To send a parcel to Portugal
  • Make a deposit
  • Cut some cord
  • Go deep sea diving
  • Go for a grunt
  • Build a log cabin
  • Go make a stinky

How do you say you are going to the bathroom?

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