About Frucomerci

Started in March 2007, this is the personal web blog of David Sanchez Lera (aka Frucomerci), a web developer specialized in professional web design and website development.

You will find basically things I like or find interesting in my “day by day”. I sometimes relate my own personal experiences or from my people nearby, I write about music, internet and even put famous quotes. I also post reviews of books and movies… and… anything else I want, for one reason is MY blog… 😉

Why Frucomerci?

No, it is not my real name, I’ve repeated this history thousand times but never wrote it, so here you are:

When I was 8, my parents booked me on a 15 days summer camp, I went with my brother and we had to bring two t-shirts for each day. My father was working in a company (Fruco), and had the brilliant idea of give 30 t-shirts with the same picture-logo on the front, that is why everyone on the camp called me Fruco. After summer when I started the new course at school, everyone who had been on camp with me persuaded the rest of the class to call me Fruco, I fight with everyone, but you’d know, children are cruel and I could not do anything to recover my real name. Nowadays if someone call me David I think is not talking to me. ‘Merci’ came later, thanks to Cristineta, a good friend’s little sister.

Why am I doing this?

It started out with the need of having a site to display some work I had done, while looking for a job. I added the blog as a way of sharing interesting links, news and information. As you can see I’m quite addicted now

What do I do in my free time?

Easy! Write computer code or update my web site… 🙂

Also I I love spending time with my girlfriend and friends, chatting, travelling, practising sports (basket, mountain, fishing,…) or enjoying a dinner and a good film with them.

Am I currently working?

Yes, in 2007 I started my own company Frucomedia, a web design and development agency based in London, focused on helping our clients to stand out in this new digital age. I am currently working as a Project Manager.

Am I currently available then?

No, I am not, but if you like what we do, you can always contact Frucomedia, we’d love to hear from you.