The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Last Christmas I caught few trains, planes, buses and spent long waits in airports and stations so I had plenty of time to read. One of the books I chose is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Yes I know, the title gives you the appeal of a children’s novel but it’s not. It surprised me the audacity and courage of the British author Mark Haddon of choosing as a main character for the novel, a boy with Asperger syndrome aged 15 years, what made me see the world and the relations with the rest of human beings through his peculiar perspective and how hard is for him to face normal situations becoming huge difficulties because of his Autism. A book not only to read, also to think about and even discuss, if I were a teacher (maybe one day) I would recommend my pupils to read it.

This bestselling novel is a murder mystery novel like no other. Whether you like “Sherlock Holmes” style or not, this is a must in your bookshelves.

A Simples Life – Aleksandr Orlov

I told you about Aleksandr Orlov and Compare The Meerkat (a masterpiece of advertisement) long time ago here, but I’m founding quite surprising they had even write a book about it. I am not sure if they are making more money selling car insurances or selling books and meerkat toys

I guess a long story in a short book, Simples!

Of course it’s on my Christmas list.

GHUA – Gosh Hates Us All

Hi there,
Today after lunch (about an hour ago) I watched a chapter (ok, two) of Californication where the protagonist Hank Moody (a writer) complains in the public radio about bloggers and internet writers who use abbreviations when posting something. So I thought would be nice of me, to apologize for my “still pretty bad” English and list the possible abbreviations I could have used in all this time (Frucomerci it’s almost 4 years old). As far as I remember I think these are the ones I’ve used:

  • LOL, Laughing Out Loud
  • ROTF, Rolling On The Floor (laughing is implied)
  • BTW, By The Way
  • FYI, For Your Information
  • THX, Thanks
  • FAQ, Frequently Asked Question
  • NP, No Problem
  • OMG, Oh My Gosh (although it’s usually used with the Lords name in place of “gosh”)
  • WTF, What The Fuck

Talking about Californication, I’ve just watched two or three chapters but enough for buying Moddy’s book, “God hates us all” here you are the link if you want it too:

CUL! Actually add it to the list

  • CUL, See You Later

Ps – Did you know about the abbreviation AFK? Away From Keyboard – this one it’s quite bizarre, don’t understand how can you write it then… :p

Things the Grandchildren Should Know

I went to bookshop few days ago and bought this book because I had it in one note of my iPhone, I actually bought a few because their titles had arrived somehow there; sometimes a friend of mine tell me about a book I should read, an album I should listen to or a website to visit and thanks to technology I write everything down so I can handle it (buying, downloading or visiting) later.

When the guy I asked in the bookshop pointed me to the Music section I remember where I heard about it, was actually not because a friend, was in the radio, a singer of a famous Spanish band who was being interviewed recommended it. I have to thank him for the advice (even though I’m not a musician).

I’ve just finished reading “Things the Grandchildren Should Know”, an autobiographic book by Mark Oliver Everett, better known as E., front man, singer and songwriter of Eels (American independent rock band), and after reading it I now understand why the people didn’t stop asking him to write a book about his life.

But do not worry if you already know anything about E.’s life, do not expect too much drama on it, he (miraculously) gets rid of it and links each episode that have marked his personal life with the moments that have marked his musical career.

As I’ve read someone said “almost a self-help book that doesn’t try to help anyone, but is doing it unintentionally”.

If you can read it listening to his music, much much better, promise.

the mythical man-month

A few weeks ago, Marc (thanks mate) recommend and sent me the book The Mythical Man-Month by Fred Brooks in a PDF file, but as I am a compulsive online buyer and I love the smell of new books I decided to buy it.

Fred Brooks (IBM, project manager of OS/360) wrote this book about software project management in 1975 (I have the anniversary edition, 1995) and this is what has surprised me more when reading it, even though the book was first written more than 30 years ago, project managers (myself) are having the same problems he had.

The tendency for managers to repeat such errors in project development led Brooks to quip that his book is called “The Bible of Software Engineering” because “everybody reads it but nobody does anything about it!”

Promise, I’ll do!! 🙂

If you need to manage a project, tools like Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (source control software) Goplan (online project management and collaboration), google apps (Web app for communication and collaboration) and many more can make your life a bit easier but for sure won’t prevent you from more than one headache, promise.