Animal Lovers

Check this short out…

For those very impatient who don’t care in reading anymore (even the subtitles or credits), I must say the title is “Thanks Smokey” so you are right, the guy was under cannabis. And for those under 18 (21 in USA) I must also say, DRUGS are BAD, very BAD! Don’t try them on! Invest your money in something better, like alcohol, tobacco or betting in casinos, it’s legal and will terminate with your life anyway.

Btw, Do you know where can I buy one of those pink cotton panties, the sheep-hoodie and a liitle bell?

Eagle vs Shark

Last night I watched Eagle vs Shark, a New Zealand movie starring Jemaine Clement (Jemaine in The Flight of the Conchords), and to be honest I’m glad I did, it’s this kind of awkward films which you need to have a big sense of humor to really appreciate it…

Eagle vs Shark is the tale of two socially awkward misfits and the strange ways they try to find love; through revenge on high-school bullies, burgers, and video games.”


A great short movie I found surfing the net. I guess all my friends addicted to TV series will appreciated it and will start making an effort trying to have social life again.

It’s in Spanish but has English subtitles, I hope you understand it anyway. The last TV Series they are talking about are shitty ones produced in Spain.