google is top brand in world

Google was few days ago named the world?s top brand ? less than ten year after it was founded. The internet search engine topped a survey by Millward Brown. Google, valued at ?33 billion, beat last year?s winner Microsoft and Coke.

google is top brand in world

Anyway! Today I have discovered that the internet search engine Google was named after the number GOOGOL (1 followed by one hundred zeros) by Larry Page, one of the founders, because was fascinated with mathematics and “Googol”.

Another curious thing is the name from its headquarters, in Mountain View, California, that is referred as ?the Googolplex? (in mathematics a googolplex is 1 followed by a googol of zeros).

What a geeks!! 🙂

you comment I follow

Following the steps from and fuzzyfuture, I FollowI have just installed the plugin Dofollow in my blog.

By default, the link included when submitting a comment has the attribute “NoFollow”, in fact Google and other Search Engines do not follow that link. In my opinion should be an option within the WP admin.

Do Follow Plugins:

There are several WordPress plugins available to help disable the default nofollow setting. Originally I installed Link Love. This plugin allows you to set a required comment threshold, which means that ?Do Follow? only occurs after someone has commented a certain number of times. My blog is still very new and I need to provide as much comment incentive as possible. When I stopped to think it through, I decided that a comment threshold didn?t provide the right type of incentive for my situation. I removed that plugin and quickly switched over to DoFollow. All it required was a quick download, placement in my WordPress plugin directory, and a simple activation back on the Dashboard?s plugin section. Very quick and very painless.

Who does ?Do Follow??

Here is the part of the post that starts to help perpetuate the ?Do Follow? meme. What follows is a growing list of blogs that have disabled the default nofollow setting. If your blog is one that has jumped on this bandwagon, then follow the instructions outlined below and help keep this movement rolling forward.

Here are the rules of the D-List:

1. Write a short paragraph at the beginning of your post and link back to the blog that put you on the list in the paragraph. This isn?t a suggestion. You need to break up the duplicate content. Someone took the time to add you so the least you can do is give them an extra link back.

2. Copy the list of originals below COMPLETELY and add it to your blog. If you would like a different keyword for your blog then change it when you do your post and it should pass to most blogs with that keyword.

3. Take the adds from the blog that added you and place them in the ?Originals? list.

4. Add at least 1 new blog that you KNOW us using the DO FOLLOW plugin to the list in the ?My Adds? section. (Add no more than 5!) Let the people you?ve added know, so that they can keep the list going!

5. Leave relevant comments on the blogs listed and get a link back to your site thanks to Do Follow!

Original List

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Magicalrosegarden is moving

As lately I am having a lot of visits and my monthly transfer has been multiplied per 10, I have taken the decision and I am going to move this site to a Linux Server! (Finally, I will be able to change the permalinks?)

I seized the opportunity to say that I have tried (in many ways) to change the uri?s from my blog, and without access to the IIS and without a rewrite mode or an ISAPI filter has been impossible for me!

Sorry about the broken links and problems that the migration can bring about!

Thanks to everyone!

high school student designs killer concept phone

Who said IPHONE?? 🙂

High school student designs killer concept phone

I was pretty sure that my new gadget would be the Iphone from Apple, but I have found another one that commands my respect.

Its name is “Butterfly cell phone” and its designer, is just 15 years old, (in high school yet). The slick slider has a touchscreen, a weather indicator and Wi-Fi, not too bad… take it a look

Now I have more than one cell to choose between! Cool!

music I – Royal Grove Radio

As I promissed before, I am going to go through some websites where I used to listen music.

The first one is Royal Groove Station, with all types of black music, historical and contemporary focused on Funk, Soul, Jazz, Bossa nova, afro-beat and everything in between.

With nice lists of tracks and large sessions, allows you to listen the sessions online or download them to your computer. It has newsletter, top ten list and the archive with all the shows.

Royal Groove started in 1997 as a regular radioshow at a local station in the Netherlands. With an unlimited enthusiasm, a couple of selfproduced breakbeats and a bunch a funk and soul records Gibbs & DeLuca made a weekly show that had at least one dedicated fan -the infamous dr Orion- tuning in every Tuesday night