Inosolo – Wedding Blog

Inosolo has finally started its own wedding photography blog! I say finally because I recommended to start it long time ago… Arantxa, my girlfriend and Inosolo’s main photographer will publish wedding photographs she takes, also will publish entries related to wedding’s world that might be of interest to couples who are getting married and those that just done it; so if you are getting married or just thinking about it, don’t hesitate to visit it.

Can You Change Your Facebook Page Title?

No you can’t unless you have less than 100 likes!

Can I Change My Facebook Page Title?

I guess if you are reading this post is because you have more than 100 likes, what can you do then? Remove likes until you arrive to 99 as I had to do with my company facebook page, losing more than 150 likes.

If you would like to cooperate with Frucomedia and myself, please like our facebook page and may be soon will have 250 likes again.

It’s shameful that FaceBook is not allowing almost any change to fan pages.

Did Barcelona Win Last Night?

Hi, tired of reading sport websites full of bullshit, just to know if my team won or not last night, I decided to create my own two websites, one for my team (Barcelona) and another for the eternal rival (Madrid). Websites that go straight the point, no bullshit, no subterfuge, no gossip, no advertising (yet), no journalists, etc…

Here they go:

Did Barça win last night?
Did Real Madrid win last night?

Well, I hope from now on these websites are “must” in your “surfing the net”… 😉 Can I ask you to click the “I Like” Facebook button and share it on twitter?

I know both websites are in Spanish but a short lesson will help you out:

  • Si = Yes
  • Gano = Did win
  • Anoche = Last night

Frucomerci, fighting for a quality journalism!

Sent From My iPad – Signature Alternatives

One year ago I wrote a post about how I disliked to read “Sent from my iPhone” (now I’m more used to) when receiving emails and listed a few alternatives, a quite successful post in the net.

Since then, Apple had time to launch a new gadget, the iPad, people say is an overestimated and overrated toy, but everyone I know that has one, loves it!

Signature Ipad Alternatives

So if you have one and want to change the signature “Sent from my iPad”, here you are a short list of alternatives:

  • “Sent from my big iPhone”
  • “iPad’s keyboard sucks”
  • “Sent from a very cool device”
  • “Blame iPad for short answears and misspellings”
  • “Sent from my iPad…jealous?”
  • “Who cares how, what matters is the content”
  • “Proudly typed on an iPad”
  • “You’ve been iPaded”
  • “I have more money than you do”
  • “Sent from the Future”
  • “Yes, I have an iPad. Now will you fuck me?”
  • “Sorry for my spelling mistakes and for non-formated text”
  • Vote for Pedro

Please if you want to tell us how do you sign in your emails, add your signature in the comments section below, thanks!

Also, if you want to remove or replace the “Sent from my iPad” signature from outgoing email on your iPad and don’t know how, here you are the steps to follow:

  1. Select Settings App in your home screen
  2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars from the list on the left side of the Settings window, and then tap the Signature (which by default will be “Sent from my iPad”).
  3. Use the delete button on your iPad keyboard to remove the signature. Enter your own new one.
  4. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars in the left column again. Now in the Signature section you’ll see your new signature.
  5. The next time you compose an email on your iPad, the “Sent from my iPad” message will be gone and replaced by your new one.

Ps – Yes, I don’t have an iPad yet, I’m waiting for the next generation to buy mine, I want it with a USB port and camera to chat…
Ps – If you are from Apple and want to send me an iPad for free so I can test it and review it here, don’t hesitate in contacting me 😉

Arantxa Alcubierre Photography Stock Shop

After millions of requests, my girlfriend has finally integrated a photography stock shop to her website, of course, with my help. Take a look clicking in the image below.

Arantxa Alcubierre Photography - the Shop

If you haven’t finished with your Christmas shopping yet, a nice big print can be a cool present for your family and friends, don’t you think?

Ps – Yes, the guy in this picture is actually me… 😉