you are a disease – and I am the cure.

Supermarket Killer: Get back! I got a bomb here! I’ll blow this whole place up!

Marion Cobretti: Go ahead. I don’t shop here.

Marion Cobretti: All right, just relax, Amigo. You wanna talk – we’ll talk. I’m a sucker for great conversation.

cobra cobretti

Supermarket Killer: [shouting] I don’t wanna talk to you! Now you bring in the television cameras in here now! C’mon, bring ’em in!

Marion Cobretti: Can’t do that.

Supermarket Killer: Why?

Marion Cobretti: I don’t deal with psychos. I put them away.

Supermarket Killer: I ain’t no psycho, man! I’m a HERO! You’re looking at a fuckin’ hunter! I’m a hero of the New World!

Marion Cobretti: [shakes his head] You’re a disease – and I’m the cure.

Supermarket Killer:

[points his sawed-off shotgun at Cobretti]

Supermarket Killer: [Cobretti throws a knife that he had concealed. It hits the thug in the abdomen]

Marion Cobretti: Drop it!

[the thug continues pointing his sawed-off shotgun at Cobretti. Cobretti fires 5 rounds from his .45 into the man, who dies. Cobretti walks over to the man & takes the bomb out of his hand]

Fim: Cobra (1986)

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a player or nothing


Quote of the day:

“And I’m not talking about some four-hundred thousand dollar a year, working Wall Street stiff, flying first-class, being comfortable, I’m talking about liquid. Rich enough to have your own jet, rich enough not to waste time. Fifty, a hundred-million dollars Buddy, a player or nothing.”

Gordon Geko

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