Calçotada Harlem Shake

Have you ever been to Catalonia?

Well, then I’m almost sure you’ve heard about calçots before. It’s a kind of long onion and the traditional way of eating them is in a calçotada where they are consumed massively, even more if your friends are basketball players. If you are planning to cook them by yourself, don’t forget to dip them in romesco sauce. =)

Last Saturday I organized a Calçotada with my friends and we had the brilliant idea of recording a Harlem Shake. Here it is the result:


We love boobies

Oh yes we do, and we should take care of them… Nothing to be ashamed of… as I also love this campaign, quite interesting is the fact that being related to breast cancer, the advert is targeting men!

Por Amor a las Tetas from Por Amor a las Tetas on Vimeo.

True, a Breast Cancer can endanger a nice pair of boobs, but could be worse: For example, every 8 hours a woman dies of breast cancer in Chile. Men of the world, let’s lower that number, encourages a woman to do a breast exam! We all end winning! 😉

More information at

Video Shooting Tips, Sports and Rental Bike

If you are a video maker/producer, here you are a couple of tips can help you very much:

If you need inspiration for an action sports video shoot:

DARK SIDE OF THE LENS from Astray Films on Vimeo.

And if you are the owner of a rental bike shop and need also inspiration for a video, this might help… Be careful, NSFW:

Best Bike Rental (Director’s version) . from Stason bros. on Vimeo.

Hiring the girls as shop assistant will also take your business to top level in town 😉

Have a nice weekend!