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If you want to collaborate with this blog and I found your stuff interesting, I will be very happy to write a post about it and mention your name/url.

But please note that …

  1. I prefer original stuff
    If you send me something you found out there, I need the original source with the complete address (URL).
  2. Spam NO, thanks
    I do not want to receive emails you send to a lot of people and be targeted in automatic mailing lists.
  3. Avoid repetition
    Maybe someone sent the same before you, check the site before please.
  4. Name recognition
    Your name and email are mandatory and must be real. (If you do not want to see your name, indicate this explicitly.)
  5. Get your facts straight
    Avoid misunderstandings: if you are personally related to the information you send, please indicate.

Send the stuff by Email: frucomerci {at} gmail {dot} com or use the form below:

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