Frucomerci T-shirts To The World

It was just a question of time…
If you are lucky enough to have met me (joking 🙂 ), you must know I love very very much wearing t-shirts, so I’ve created a couple of designs and created my own shop, worths a try isn’t it?

Tshirts Frucomerci

I’ll upload more designs soon and of course will let you know! Anything you want, don’t hesitate to contact me or comment below.


PS – Jessica Axell, a great illustrator and a friend of mine did one of the designs!

Water Colour Art

I’m definitely not an artist but I used to draw quite well when I was a child. I don’t know why I told that to my girlfriend few weeks ago, but I think she didn’t believe 🙂 me because the other day arrived home with a present, a Sketcher’s pocket box and water colour paper.

To be honest I had never painted with this technique before and will have to learn by myself as I don’t have time to go to a course. But I gave it a try anyway and I have to say that after almost 15 years without holding a pencil, I’m quite happy (but not proud at all) with the firsts results obtained.

First one: Frucomedia Tomato Logo – 55 min

Second one: Reservoir Dogs – 40 min

From now on, if you want to check how am I doing with more paints, I’m going to upload all the stuff I manage to do, at this new domain I’ve set up for mobile uploads:

I hope this new-old-hobby keeps myself far from the computer for a few minutes every day.

Have a nice weekend

Sex Explained Graphically by Pens

I’ve received so many emails with this subject and these images that I had to translate them (they were originally in Spanish) and create a post. Bic pens have always been the best! I guess no explanation is needed…

Sex Explained Graphically

Is a completely SFW post and in my opinion a very good way to explain to your daughters/sons the different types of sex that exist.

In how many of the cases above have you been part of?

Yes, we forgot one!

2 Girls 1 Cap - Sex Explained Graphically by Pens

Thanks John Mercer