Why Do Men Love Surf?

Can be because all of us like Beach Boys music or because we like to feel the sea breeze in our faces or… nah! I guess here is the answer:

A shame they have no hips and once out of the water they are a bit butch… Wait, what the funk am I saying???
That tanned skin… the salty water in their bodies… and… that hot surfer pose… God! You can not ask for more…
I don’t know if any of those girls surfs properly or are in the top ten hottest girls in pro surfing list, but damn, they are smoking hot anyway.

I know, I know… I don’t use to write and upload this kind of stuff but I do know most of my followers are men and they will be very happy with (am I right? then comment below!)
May be I miss the beach too much here in London. Who knows…

via peloton69